20 August 2008

t.a. messina lies?

UPDATE: t a messina lsu controversy finally cleared up

an anonymous wst... emailer writes:
t.a. messina is running for alexandria marshal. on his website he claims to have played football for lsu from 1977 to 1979:
i e-mailed michael bonnette, sports information director for lsu football and asked for the official roster for those years.

my e-mail was answered by brianne mickles, an assistant in that department. she sent a pdf file of the official rosters from 1978 and '79. she said '77 was unavailable when i made the request.

according to the official roster, there is no messina listed for the years in question.
click here to download two page .pdf file [213kb]
note: the documents in the .pdf are sideways - to remedy this, right click on the document and choose 'rotate clockwise' from the drop down box. you might have to do this several times to get the documents right side up.
i think that anyone who falsely claims to be one of our beloved fighting tigers should be horsewhipped and fed to mike.
according to the sec'y of state's website there are four candidates vying for alexandria city marshal:
james byrd - marshal byrd is the incumbent
james w. "jimmy" chevalier
t.a. messina
harvey e. "beau" meynard

louisiana sec'y of state elections database link

if mr. messina wishes to respond, we will post his response here.