10 August 2008

who killed obama?

texe marrs takes a look at a new fashion trend.


Israeli fashion designer Doron Braunshtein (AKA Apollo Braun) is very proud of his new T-shirt and hoodie (hooded sweat shirt) creations. He must be, because they're selling for up to $250 a pop—and fanatical Jewish haters of Obama are buying them like hotcakes. The reason the casual shirts are so popular? Simple—they have words like "Who Killed Obama?" and "Jews Against Obama" emblazed on them.

Barack Obama is despised by most Jews in the U.S.A. and overseas, and the outrageous sentiment expressed on Braunshtein's shirts seems to prevail. But, why? Why do Jews hate the Illinois Senator so much? After all, surveys show that the vast majority of American resident Jews favor the liberal wing of the Democrat Party, and Obama, if anything, is a liberal Democrat.

Instead of Obama, Jews plan to vote enmasse for John McCain, Republican. McCain they trust as an "Israel First" advocate. They know that McCain is also a liberal; most important, McCain will always do what's best for Israel. Currently, the Jews want the U.S. to bomb their Moslem enemy, Iran, into oblivion. And McCain is chomping at the bit to do exactly that!

Gentile bloodshed, after all, is a Zionist specialty, and with a President McCain in the White House, the Jews figure that Iran's 70 million innocents will end up like hapless victims of a 2009 chainsaw massacre. ~ read more
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apollo braun designs "jews against obama" t-shirt
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