23 August 2008

barky chooses plagiarist; zionist puppet joe biden

so...this is supposed to be the 'change we can believe in ' eh? this is no change at all, its just more of the same.

barky obama chooses an old dinosaur who has been in the united states senate since 1972 (36 years) and who had to give up his 1988 campaign for the democratic party presidential nomination when it was discovered that he is a plagiarizer.

video: joe biden "i'am a zionist"
click here to download the video in .mp4 format [5mb]
senator biden is an ardent zionist and israel-firster. see also counterpunch: 'the day joe biden threatened to kick my ass.' video: joe biden "i'am a zionist."

senator biden also wants to give a billion dollars of united states taxpayer money (borrowed from china) to georgia to help it rebuild from a war with russia that georgia started. barky said that he totally agrees. and abc news here.

joe biden is about the lamest choice to make. especially, from someone who spouts 'change' at every opportunity.
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