12 August 2008

energy forum at alexandria, la. city hall 20 august 2008

updated with video interview of senator vitter, wednesday 20 august 2008 -- see kalb.com: 'senator vitter hosts energy forum in alexandria' and 'ulm professor sees fossil fuels as "bridge" to technology's future.'

senator david vitter informs us that: "you're invited to an energy forum to discuss efforts to lower gasoline and energy prices. including impacting supply and demand, starting new drilling at home, curbing speculation, and developing alternative energy."

this energy forum will be held:

city of alexandria, la. city hall

915 3rd st [map]

alexandria, louisiana

wednesday, 20 august 2008

10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
we sure hope that the city of alexandria will broadcast this important forum over public access (atv) channel 4.