28 August 2008

dnc 2008 nominating speeches a republican nominated barack obama

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curiously, one of the little reported facts surrounding the 2008 democratic national convention was that a registered and life-long republican and iraq war veteran, michael wilson, was the person who officially placed senator obama's name in nomination.

mr. wilson said that that it "is my distinct honor as an iraq war veteran, as a life-long republican and as a proud citizen of this great democracy to nominate the next president of the united states of america, barack obama!"

by this statement we can tell that mr. wilson is a typical member of the stupid party because the united states is not a democracy -- the united states is a constitutional republic.

seconding senator obama's nomination was katrina mary landrieu snellings friend, senator ken salazar from colorado see 'favor for salazar comes back to burn louisiana senator.' from the rocky mountain news.

katrina mary has a long and sordid history of making stupid decisions against the best interest of her constituents in order for her to curry favor with her senatorial pals -- see S.2128 nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings wants to tax the internet "the senate was poised to vote on a permanent extension of the ban on internet taxation thursday night. however, sen. mary landrieu (d-la) voiced objection to S. 2128, the permanent internet tax freedom act, effectively halting the vote.

while the senator stated that her objection was on behalf of senator tom carper (d-de), she helped to thwart a similar bill in 2003." ~ read more