18 November 2007

17 november 2007 selected election returns

heres a few complete but unofficial returns from several state representative and state senator races. complete list is at the link.

"joe" harrison beats carla dartez. no clue if the "buckwheat" thing had anything to do with it

best news of the day. dorothy sue hill defeats the goofy james david cain

chris roy jr beats lance maxwell by 988 votes

in a close race "sam" little beats "buddy" quinn by nine votes!

"coach" montgomery finally got his.

good ol boy and pig trougher bryant hammett was vanquished by neil riser.

eric lafleur defeated donald newton, grandson of outgoing, term-limited state senator "doc" hines.

looks like yvonne dorsey of purple circle and colomb foundation infamy defeated jason decuir by 93 votes