01 November 2007

jim beam freaking over piyush scam's charlie dewitt role

this is hil-freaking-larious watching the snake charm wear off the states mental migets as they begin to realize that piyush is what we've maintained all along -- nothing more than a fast talking con-artist and a scam.

anyway, today, retired lake charles american press columnist, jim beam, craps his depends (see link) over word that gov-elect piyush scam "confirmed that former House Speaker Charlie DeWitt, D-Alexandria, is among some current legislators who are helping him get the pulse of the new Legislature."


now you have to watch mr. beam because he doesnt always get his facts exactly um correct, as shown in this piece he wrote back in the summer against senator joe mcpherson.

sure enough, in todays piece mr. beam hides behind the words of some mysterious reader -- "One reader put it this way, “Has Jindal watched DeWitt’s speech against the passage of ethics legislation this past session — and it was an antiethics speech, no matter what he said ..."

it just so happens that central la politics blog has that video available and its embedded along with the embed state of representative jeff arnold's comments on hb730 in their post here.

anyone bothering to watch that video can easily see that rep. dewitt's words were not "antiethics" at all and neither was his speech "against the passage of ethics legislation." in reality it was two louisiana state senators who killed the so called glass pockets ethics reform. those two senators were robert adley and donald "doc" hines.

by the way, the self serving senator robert adley should have had his ass handed to him in this just recently concluded election. however, the gannett controlled shereveport press were remiss in their duties when they failed to remind their readers of senator adleys contempt for ethics reform. not only does louisiana need ethics reform, we need media reform.

its also a lie when mr. beam writes "The House voted for 88-13 for the bill on May 30, rejected Senate changes to the measure on June 26 and voted 51-49 on June 28 to send it back to a conference committee where it died when the session ended. DeWitt spoke against and voted against the bill the first time around and repeated that performance June 28."

the house of representatives roll call vote [one page .pdf] shows that on hb730 on 28 june 2007 rep. dewitt voted yea.

in louisiana we citizens not only have to watch the lying politicians we also have to watch out for the lying media.

dependable piyush media whore john maginnis in his column yesterday repeats the lie that "The Senate refused to exclude local officeholders, the House refused to include them..."

so on the one hand we have jim beam and his mysterious reader(s) already writing off the piyush administration stating “Gov.-elect Jindal will...find himself in the same place as (Buddy) Roemer and (Dave) Treen did when they were out-politicked by the ‘good ol’ boys ..” while on the other hand, john maginnis is assuring us that "what legislators, particularly Democrats, unwittingly accomplished [hb730] was to tee up the [ethics] issue perfectly for candidate Jindal, who made it a compelling but safe platform plank, as did other Republican candidates."

good grief!

believe very little to nothing that you read and see in the media. this bunch wakes up in a different world everyday. research things for yourself. if we had just ignored the media and done that all along we wouldnt have found our state, our nation and our world in the mess its currently in.