16 November 2007

rapides parish sheriff race: is chuck wagner a corporate tool?

watching the rapides parish sheriff candidate question and answer forum on kalb the other night and again today (see link) we noticed that there was a lot of talk, way too much talk about the so called war on some drugs and a rapides parish drug problem.

drugs are a political football just like abortion, school prayer, same sex marriage etc.; etc. what was extremely disappointing with both candidates is that there was not one word whatsoever about what the new sheriff whoever he may be, plans are for investigating white collar criminals and political and governmental corruption and abuse.

lets face it -- there wouldnt be a "drug problem" unless people high up in the government and business, for a profit, werent instigating and permitting it. this is why neither of these candidates impress us and why, tomorrow we very likely wont bother to cast ballots in this particular race.

mr. wagner tries to convince us that the "sheriffs office is a business" later on mr. wagner remarks to maj. slocum that "all the businesses, around this community, have seen you out politicking..." and still later on "meth is taking over our parish, employers are having trouble finding people to pass initial drug screens. when we have that problem, that is a serious problem and we have to do something about it and we have to reallocate our resources to put a stop to this and ill ensure that i'am out on the street to make sure that we do this." source

the sheriff department is not the muscle for business interests. mr. wagner sounds just like a republican with this rhetoric.