20 November 2007

city of alexandria getting ready to give cabrini hospital prescott road

city of alexandria, la.
public works / zoning committee - video

despite being touted by councilman harry silver as a "preliminary discussion" mayor roy says the city is "close to putting the final touches on plans to allow cabrini's expansion without the use of any green space or recreational space across the street at the ball parks or really anywhere else..."

the mayor says that the city has come up with alternatives namely, the "revocation of prescott [road]." the mayor says that city chief operating officer kay michiels, had a study done that shows that most of the cars on prescott road and wainright are cabrini workers and/or related to cabrini.

the mayor says that the "big obstacle" is relocation of utilities. thats funny we thought the "big obstacle" was under what legal statute the city is planning to operate under to effect such a transfer. in may 2007 we asked the city to explain and clarify under which specific statute they plan to operate under and as of today they have never bothered to respond to our request.

we dont think that the city plans to operate within the law. it looks like this will be a done deal and the city and cabrini knows that they can get away with it too, because no one in the media or the community will bother to ask any questions.

so, like we originally predicted, citizens of alexandria will one morning open up their alleged newspaper and turn on kalb's jambalaya program to learn that prescott road now belongs to st. francis cabrini hospital.