04 November 2007

toni martin billing scandal is a major reason to reject the redflex redlight scam

even if you dont buy the constitutional and big brother arguments against the installation of the australian company, redflex and their red light spy cameras currently being pushed by alexandria's mayor 'baggy pants' roy, it's chief of police daren coutee and the alexandria city council thats o.k --. after all the constitution "'it's just a goddamned piece of paper'" right?

so, if you're tired of these parasitic politicians using their office to steal your tax money in order to enrich themselves and their crime gangs and you're looking for some reason more tangible or credible than the constitution, then look no further than the recent bills in the amount of $17,374.50 attorney toni martin submitted to the city, for alexandria taxpayers to ultimately pay.

make no mistake about it this redflex red-light spy camera scam is nothing more than something the mayor (and hes part of the scam too as you can hear for yourself in this .mp3 clip from his recent appearance on ksyl radio) and the city council have hit upon to open up another revenue stream to pull monies from to hire and pay their cronies with. that is what all this is about. anyone that says different is lying or simply hasnt been paying attention.

doesnt it make sense that if the alexandria police department is too incompetent to enforce something as mundane as traffic laws in a city of some 45,000 people that the common sense thing to do would be to get rid of the chief of police and the upper police force management and put in place management that could properly motivate, supervise, train and inspire the rank and file policemen to do their jobs?

it doesnt make any sense whatsoever to hire an alien company headquarted half the world away to enforce local laws. on top of that you dont have any idea where the information they are recording is going or to who or what its being shared or sold. for all we know they could be taking pictures of every automobile that goes through the intersections to build profiles and databases with.

alexandrian's: your mayor, your city council and your police force is selling you down the river, all for thirty pieces of filthy lucre...