03 November 2007

rumor: possible sexual scandal involving hillary clinton and her female assistant huma abedin

drudge retort excerpt:

Talk radio here in Los Angeles is all over this story but so far the person and the story behind it are being kept quiet for now. Radio and bloggers, etc., all speculate it's involves a Democrat because the LA Times is sitting on the story rather than putting it out there.

Here is the main rumor (off the blogs) going around but so far it's rumor until the L.A. Times is forced to show their story --

Rumors were flying in the blogosphere yesterday and this morning that the Los Angeles Times was sitting on a bombshell story regarding a sexual scandal involving a leading presidential candidate. It was later speculated that the candidate is Hillary Clinton and the sexual affair involves her and her female assistant, Huma Abedin. However, the Assistant Editorial Pages Editor for the Times says he's heard nothing about this . In other words, the fact that this is all still a "rumor" means that the real campaign shocker could still be looming out there....
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