21 November 2007

the town talk & gannett are suppressing news about the redflex scam

much to their credit the gannett owned lafayette daily advertiser has devoted a lot of space to news stories about what lafayetters are going through in relation to lafayettes' criminal government springing upon the citizenry the redflex red-light scam and the so called safe speed vans scam. (see link)

however, despite being owned by the same company, despite the fact that gannett's louisiana owned "news" papers routinely share stories and reporters - one example of this is this story by the town talk's karina donica that recently appeared in the gannett owned monroe news star, we havent seen not one jot or tittle in the town talk about what is a major news story in lafayette. according to google maps lafayette is only 89 miles from alexandria and receives significant traffic from central louisianaians who go there to shop; etc. so, this is certainly news that central louisianaians would deem important.

dont you think that if the town talk and gannett were truly interested in reporting news and doing their civic duty that they would naturally feel that alexandrians certainly would need to know whats happening in lafayette in order to make better informed decisions about whats shortly going to be instituted here?

yet the gannett owned town talk reports nothing. why do you suppose this is? one reason could be because the town talk editorially came out in favor of the redflex scam and that the town talk editors dont want you compare whats happening only 89 miles away to see how stupid they are.

this is a prime example of how big media companies such as gannett suppress news from one region to another in order to shape public opinion and knowledge.

sure, we visit the town talk online because its free but we never click on any advertisers link and we make it a point not to shop with any of their advertisers. if you subscribe to the town talk or regularly purchase it, why are you paying earned money to gannett in order to be brainwashed and lied to?