09 November 2007

real id - a real nightmare

wst... note: louisiana's two senators the nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings and diaper david vitter both voted for this garbage. louisiana congressmen voting for real id, the papers please nazification of amerika, included piyush "bobby" jindal, rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, jim mccrery, charles boustany and charlie melancon. william jefferson was the only congressman to vote "nay." see senate roll call vote #117 and house roll call vote #31.

click the link to learn more about what the criminals like those listed above have done to bill cattorini, a retired chicago fireman who has been caught in a bureaucratic limbo due to a discrepancy between his birth date as listed on his driver’s license and the date on his social security card. that was never an issue until illinois began trying to comply with some parts of Real ID. now cattorini can’t drive. find out what these criminals have in store for you and what you have done by supporting them.

The Real ID Act was rammed through Congress without hearings in May 2005. It was attached to emergency supplemental legislation providing funds to continue the war in Iraq and humanitarian relief for victims of the recent Pacific tsunami.

The Real ID Act:

Is a REAL national ID.
Drivers' licenses will contain a standardized set of information collected by all 50 states, backed up by a standardized “machine-readable zone” and by a national database of ID information. Local Department of Motor Vehicle offices will become federal agents charged with administering an internal passport without which you will be unable to function in the United States.

Is REAL ineffective.
REAL ID is supposed to stop terrorism. ID documents do not reveal anything about evil intent – and even if they did, determined terrorists will always be able to obtain fraudulent documents (either counterfeit or real documents bought from corrupt officials).

Is a REAL nightmare for state governments.
States will have to remake their driver’s licenses, restructure computer databases and systems, create an extensive new document-storage system, and expand security measures. They will have to verify the “issuance, validity and completeness” of every birth certificate, every immigration document, every utility bill, and every other document -- not just when a drivers' license is first issued, but every time you want to renew it as well.

Is REAL expensive.
It could cost as much as $23 billion, leaving you to pay additional steep fees when applying for driver’s licenses. It will take funds away from important state programs.

Is a REAL hassle.
You are also likely to confront slower service, longer lines, and bureaucratic snafus in obtaining these ID cards, and may get caught in the nightmare of inflexible verification requirements.

Is a REAL identity theft risk.
The creation of a single interlinked database as well as the requirement that each DMV store copies of every birth certificate and every other document creates huge new security risks by creating a one-stop shop for identity thieves.

Is a REAL invasion of privacy.
The IDs must include a “common machine-readable technology” that will allow for easy, computerized transfer of the data on the cards. That will make it easy for anybody in private industry to snap up the data on these IDs and put it up for sale, not subject even to the limited privacy rules in effect for the government. Since home addresses are currently required for the card, victims of domestic violence may be put at special risk.

Is a REAL step toward a surveillance society.
This new national identity card will create an infrastructure for the tracking, monitoring, and regulation of your activities. Its centralized database will inevitably, over time, become the repository for more and more data on individuals, as we become a "show me your papers, please" society.
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