14 November 2007

keith guice for bese dist 5

keith guice wins! complete but unofficial returns ~ link


saturday 17 november 2007 please vote for proven educator and catahoula parish native keith guice for bese district 5.
see also 'following the money' your right hand thief's well researched expose on mr. guice's unqualified and shady opposition: ruth ulrich.

[W]ho is [...] funding Ulrich? ? Why, it's Dick and Betsy DeVos. As you might know, Dick DeVos inherited the Amway (Quixtar) empire from his father, just as Betsy (Prince) inherited her wealth from her father, Edgar Prince. The late Edgar Prince heavily funded James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and (CNP member) Tony Perkins' Family Research Council. Betsy's brother, Erik Prince, founded Blackwater USA.