10 November 2007

s.res374 more nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings legislation

last night the town talk website was all atwitter, heralding the latest nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings waste of time legislation. looks like the town talk merely copy and pasted the latest "press release" from off nutty katrina mary's senatorial website.

nutty katrina mary wanted us all to know that she had just passed, with zero co-sponsors and by unanimous consent (facts which her press release and the town talks blurb conveniently leaves out, although katrina mary's press release does disingeniously mention that it was passed unamiously), s.res374: a do-nothing, touchy-feely, warm-fuzzy, waste of time bill.

nutty katrina mary's "resolution asks the public to interview at least one veteran in their family or community and encourages participation by local, state and national organizations along with federal, state, city and parish or county governments."

wouldnt it be a great story for veterans to tell in the future how mary landrieu, senior senator from louisiana fought for and raised hell to stop the illegal; immoral iraq war and helped to bring our soldiers home?

alas, this story will never be told because nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings is a useful idiot and a puppet who keeps her mouth shut and does just what she is told to do. all to the detriment of her country, its constitution and its service members.

nutty katrina mary says "It is fitting that this veterans' day, we encourage the nation to rally around our veterans and collect their stories of sacrifice in the name of freedom."

if nutty katrina mary and her staff had any sense they would know that a "story" about veterans sacrifices' has already been written, years ago by smedley darlington butler, major general, united states marine corps. they should read it and so should you.