04 November 2007

has central la politics lost their mind?

earlier today we posted about the redflex red-light scam that the alexandria, la. city government is in the process of springing upon alexandrians to which central la politics posted what they call 'a counter opinion' {see link}.

now we dont mind people disagreeing with us because anyone that agrees with someone else 100% of the time needs to have their head examined.

what we find disingenuous, if not downright fraudulent, on central la politic's part is their constant insinuation that we are sooooo stupid and uneducated whilst they are soooo educated. one example is per the statement: "Another plausible explanation is that people who disagree with WST are simply more intelligent." another is their quote in a comment about "With your training perhaps you should devote more time to perfecting cold-fusion and interspace travel. Maybe you should go get several degrees of your own before being so critical and name calling of those who have accomplished something with their lives. Maybe if you were better educated you could understand opposing beliefs..."

we never said or implied that we are especially educated or intelligent. we know we're not writers and its hell to string together a few sentences and hope they make sense.

the question though that central la politics never answers or even alludes to is that if we are so dumb then why did they call us up and ask that we set up their blog? not only did we set up their blog for them, we spent hundreds and hundreds of hours explaining a lot of the time the same thing over and over again. simple things like how to sign in to the account, how to post on it and even how to publish a post, where to go to post files like freewebtown and photobucket and how to upload and link to them. we set all those accounts up too, including the hit counter which we had to install because they cant seem to get the hang of it. we set up google accounts for and showed how to upload video and even had to explain, repeatedly, how to properly embed it and on and on. not bad for a bunch of dumbasses huh?

we might add that all this we had to learn on our own by trial and error no one showed us how to do it. yet central la politics despite the fact they have been blogging longer than us just couldnt seem to wrap their massive intellect around it all.

also, they dont mind what we say or how we say it when we are posting crap advantageous to them like the pineville email lawsuits, rich dupree .mp3's and emails, joe bishop or the apd taser video which not only did we upload and post about, we also got some of our friends in the blogosphere to promote. we might add that as far as the apd taser vid we never asked, received or expected a penny from posting about it -- but central la politics made thousands when the case quickly settled which we dont mind saying was partly due to our according to them dumbass expertise.

what we've also come to learn over time is that while central la politics claims to adhere to this mysterious code of high ethical standards and good government it seems that violations only apply to people that they dont like. while others who they do like get a free pass and even positive posts.

now back to he redflex red-light scam controversy. when this all started back in the spring we expressed our misgivings to central la politics who informed us that they were all for it as they planned to make money off of it by defending in court "rich republican blue-bloods" who received tickets. ya think that, rather than any constitutional or moral concerns has anything to do with their support for the scam and the scammers?

in their post they cite all these court cases involving taking photographs in public places and not about issuing traffic tickets from the photographs, yet must have had an intellectual pause or forgotten about this post of theirs from only 16 september 2007 which links to a thenewspaper.com story wherein the minnesota supreme court unanimously struck down red light cameras.

anyway, you can believe whatever you want to but from what we've observed and learned with respect to central la politics blog is that its agenda driven. its not telling you the whole and in some cases any truth about things and is promoting bits and pieces of information advantageous to them or to whatever or whomever political shill or whore they are in bed with today.