16 November 2007

'taser-happy thugs'


The shocking death of a Polish traveler who was confronted by policemen with stun guns at the Vancouver airport last month has shamed Canada and its federal police, editorials said Friday.

A bystander's video released late Wednesday showed Robert Dziekanski dying after a bizarre series of events that culminated in police approaching him on October 14 and, in less than one minute, zapping him repeatedly with a Taser stun gun.

The 40-year-old immigrant had traveled to Canada to live with his mother.

His videotaped death "is a source of shame and disgrace for Canada and for its national police force," the daily Globe and Mail said in an editorial.

"The killing of Robert Dziekanski will be seen only one way: as a summary execution of an innocent man for the crime of being disoriented, for not understanding, for being a stranger."

"As this video makes its way around the world, Canada's reputation is deservedly tarnished. This is no way to run an airport or a police force," echoed the Montreal Gazette.
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