15 November 2007

ksyl's dave graichen wouldnt vote for ruth ulrich 'if she was the last person on the face of the earth'

see link for .mp3 clip

now heres something we can agree with mr. graichen on. think about it. current bese board district 5 candidate ruth ulrich is the 'call screener' for the moon griffon show. the moon griffon show is on ksyl radio which mr. graichen is the operations manager for and he wouldnt vote for her "if she was the last person on the face of the earth." that should tell you something.

another perspective that the caller pointed out is that ms. ulrich, in her campaigning uses the name "moon griffon" and yet "the same pac thats running an ad supporting her [ruth ulrich] is running another commercial against billy "coach" montgomery which moon [griffon] seems to be strongly against...if moon is that much against that other person [montgomery] then how can the same group be supporting his woman?"