05 November 2007

rapides parish sheriff's race: hilton strikes back

rapides parish sheriff william earl hilton

sheriff hilton sat down with kalb's news director michele godard today and gave a pretty amazing and impressive interview to rebut kalb's story from friday 02 november 2007. that story can be found on kalb here or youtube here.

when asked if he had seen kalb's 02 november report, sheriff hilton replied that he had and that "it wasnt as good as it should be simply because one of the anonymous guys on there called me this morning and he was coerced into doing that." when asked by whom the sheriff said "the wagner camp."

now it doesnt make any sense how someone could be coerced by the "wagner camp," and makes us wonder if sheriff department personnel are men, mice, puppets or what. especially, when one considers that mike slocum is with the sheriff's department, maj. slocum was endorsed by the sheriff and maj. slocum led the primary election with some 48% of the vote to mr. wagner's 33%. so it would seem that all the power, momentum or whatever you want to call it would be on maj. slocum's side. but hey, after all this is louisiana and lawd knows the people here have lousy minds and cant think properly.

speaking of not thinking properly: sheriff hilton said that he was "disappointed" with chief detective herman walters and what he said in his interview. sheriff hilton said that detective walters "is a nervous type person, he's scared, he's paranoid, i met with him one sunday morning at leavines grocery in gardner and he told me some things then that was just totally ridiculous about things that he was imagining that was happening -- that wasnt happening..."

this isnt very comforting and makes us wonder how many other sheriff department personnel have mental problems. ho hum...

one part of the interview we found disturbing is towards the end when ms. godard tells sheriff hilton that the candidate that he supports, mike slocum, attempted to intimidate her on friday as she was producing her story.

according to ms. godard she said that mike slocum told her that "if you run this story and i win -- which i will win -- this news department will only receive information through a lawyer."

hmm words to ponder.

follow the link to the interview which runs 18m47s.

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