08 November 2007

valiant lafayetters fighting the redflex scam and criminals running their government


  • feds launch investigation of redflex traffic systems inc
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    thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of one todd c. elliot and kvol radio, many lafayetters have been up-in-arms and rightfully so, ever since the pack of criminals running their consolidated city-parish government sold out them out by ceding control of local law enforcement in regards to red-light enforcement to the australian company redflex.

    phase one of the redflex scam involves the stationing of "mobile speed vans" around the city-parish. these speed vans are apparently operated by people hired off the street who have no law enforcement knowledge or experience;

    the latest controversy as reported by the gannett owned lafayette daily advertiser (see link) stems from the complaint filed by either or both denice skinner and stephanie ware to the louisiana state board of private investigator examiners. ms. skinner found a law RS 37:3503 which states in part:
    (8)(a) "Private investigator" or "private detective" means any person who holds out to the general public and engages in the business of furnishing or who accepts employment to furnish information or who agrees to make or makes an investigation for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to the following:
    (i) Crimes or wrongs committed.
    (v) Securing evidence to be used before any court, board, officer, or investigative committee.
    it's ms. skinner's and ms. ware's position that the operators of the speed vans must be licensed private investigators.
    Stephanie Ware, operator of Ware Investigations LLC of Lafayette, said she has no doubt that the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners will find that RedFlex employees should be licensed investigators. She was filing a formal complaint with the board charging that the company is violating state law. "They're not in a gray area," she said. "They're doing P.I. work without a license." The first reference is "crimes or wrongs committed," which Ware says proves her point.
    RedFlex employees armed with radar guns and cameras sit parked on city streets in vans with darkened windows watching for speeders and red-light runners. Offenders receive a ticket and a photograph in the mail.
    Under the company's contract with the city, the citations are civil matters, so they do not go on drivers' records.
    Skinner said something needs to be done because "we're scared in Lafayette. It's like we've been invaded."
    She said she approached one of the vans and tapped on the darkened window. When she asked the operator if he was a licensed private investigator and if she could see his license, he at first said yes, then that he left his license at home and then that it had expired.
    Ware said that since the company is headquartered in Australia, "we don't know where this information is going. They're under no regulations," and no one is making sure that the information is being used properly.
    the australian company redflex seeing that their scam was coming unraveled and not to be undone filed suit to stop the louisiana state board of private investigator examiners from considering the complaint:
    A Baton Rouge judge issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday barring the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners from holding a hearing today regarding Redflex Traffic Systems.
    Attorneys for Redflex filed documents in 19th Judicial District Court on Wednesday, alleging that the board does not have jurisdiction over the matter. The hearing was scheduled after Lafayette private investigator Stephanie Ware asked the board to examine what she considers to be investigative activities.
    Ware said she was not surprised by Wednesday's developments.
    "I am not shocked. We expected this to happen," Ware said. "It's disappointing, of course, when you're trying to right a wrong, but I'm not surprised."
    Through a contract with Lafayette Consolidated Government, Redflex operates two vans as part of the SafeSpeed Lafayette program and is scheduled to operate cameras at certain intersections to catch red-light runners. Equipment in the vans is used to photograph drivers caught speeding, as well as the license plates of their vehicles. Tickets are then mailed to the vehicle's owner.
    Maxwell Kees, an attorney representing Redflex, said the system is completely automated and thus should not be examined by the state board.
    "We don't believe that the board has jurisdiction over a machine," he said. "The drivers take no active part whatsoever in catching speeders. It's completely automated."
    According to court documents, a hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 4 for a judge to decide whether the board does have jurisdiction over the matter.
    it looks like what redflex doesnt want examined is the people who are operating the machines. what kind of people are they? and what are they doing with the information they are privy to?

    one not so small problem for the redflex scam though -- RS 32:365 appears to prohibit even the police from using:
    [A] television receiver, screen, or other means of visually receiving a television broadcast or a video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, which is located in the motor vehicle [...] to record vehicles in violation of traffic safety laws with citations for such violations to be mailed to the alleged violator at a later date.
    so if the police cant do it then how the heck can a private company?
    in alexandria, louisiana the as of late dueling crime gangs that control city government have been pushing installing the redflex red-light spy camera scam on their citizens. its our opinion that alexandria's motives is merely to produce another revenue stream in which to have monies available to hire and pay their cronies for do nothing dead head city jobs and contracts. .

    mp3 here of alexandria police chief daren coutee pushing the redflex scam on ksyl radio.

    msnbc "your safety or just cash? officials: red-light traffic cams boosting gov't revenue" contessa brewer interviews mike stollenwerk of the national motorists association
    .mp3 here
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