02 November 2007

'myron lawson gang' attorney soaking city taxpayers $17,374.50 so far...

click here to download six page .pdf

wow! kudos to karina donica and the town talk for reporting and posting (see link) these documents.

whats interesting to us and what has not yet been explained is on ms. martin's invoice #100 (page 4 of the town talk's .pdf) is billing for fifty-two hours @$135.00 per hour ($7,020) for 'review cleco litigation file' and 'review ems contract and cleco litigation file.'

so we're wondering how this can be, when a protective order
(four page .pdf) issued on 10 january 2006 by judge dee drell of the united states district court that states in part:
all documents and information produced during the audit process as set forth in the agreed order shall be and remain confidential and the statements, materials, evidence, documents, information, and/or communications produced during the audit process shall not be provided to any other person, entity, or party not participating in the audit process.
now maybe the protective order has been modified or rescinded we dont know but this definitely needs to be investigated.