04 November 2007

new cenla blog: the light

heres a new blog we recently stumbled across. it seems to complement a publication called "the light." according to the first post from 24 august 2007, the blog as well as the newspaper is produced by a lady named sherri l. jackson of alexandria, la.

ms. jackson writes:
I finally get to own a newspaper that I have control over.

There’s no publisher, editor or stockholder to tell me what what to do. This time I’m having it my way.

What is my way? It’s my desire to provide information to the community that they will never find in the local daily news outlets. As you read the daily press, do you often wonder whether or not our people ever do anything positive? Do we get married? Do we get promotions on our jobs? Are our children doing anything positive? My answer is yes to all of these questions. Unfortunately, you will be hardpressed to read about it in the mainstream media. You will read about those things and more in The Light.

The Light is published twice a month on the first and 15th of each month. You can pick up copies throughout Alexandria, Pineville, and Marksville. The papers are mostly distributed through churches and are usually snapped up within minutes. Don’t panic. You can also purchase a subscription to have the newspaper delivered directly to your home.

Keep coming back to this site for news updates that you need to know right now.

Give me a call at 318-487-9254. If you’re in the Alexandria area, stop by and visit at 1429 Third St.

theres quite a few posts about jena 6 and mychal bell as well as some pictures from the 20 september 2007 march.

so click on over and check it out.