09 November 2007

rapides parish sheriff race: a deputy on 'intimidation'

'paw paw' is a local blogger who just happens to be a rapides parish sheriff's deputy and a slocum supporter.

in a recent blog post (see link) 'paw paw' weighs in on the 'intimidation' factor some deputy's are complaining of in the upcoming (17 november 2007) rapides sheriff race run-off between maj. mike slocum and chuck wagner.

although we havent decided who we will vote for or even if we will bother to vote in this particular race, we agree with paw paw when he writes:

Lawmen shouldn’t be easily intimidated.If you are easily intimidated, either by the people or by your bosses, then you will do things that aren’t in keeping with your oath. The oath of a lawman is a powerful thing and requires that you might spend your life in keeping it.

I find that during this political campaign, there are a number of deputies who say they’ve been intimidated.

I say Bullshit.
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