14 November 2007

kalb mysteriously pulls sheriff race report

.mp3 clip here
michele godard explains to a caller why the promo'd rapides parish sheriff department story was mysteriously pulled. ms. godard says that "we make mistakes on occasion of promoing stories. what we did is and i actually was not at the television station, i have a brilliant managing editor that works for me, eric marshall and he looked at the story and decided to pull it. i think one of the reasons is because we're aware of how sensitive the situation is and as i indicated i did the initial stories because of the years of experience that i have. i think one of the things we need to do is carefully, carefully, ferret out these stories and so i obviously support the decision to not air something. you know we have a big bull horn and we're careful and in spite of what people think we dont go on the air with stories that are not factually checked out, you know, so we'll see..."

another update ksyl says that the complete michele godard interview will be up on their website sometime today www.ksyl.com
UPDATE ksyl has extended the michele godard interview until at least 9:30 am. www.ksyl.com / am970 / 318.442.8255 telephone...
during this evenings 5:00 pm 'live at five' broadcast kalb ran a tease promising a report by leigh flynn that was going to air at the 6:00 pm broadcast. the report was something about allegations made during last nights sheriff candidate forum that kalb had investigated.

however, the 6:00 pm broadcast came and it didnt air. in fact, no word or reference was made about the report. no explanation was given as to what happened.

now the 10:00 pm broadcast just aired and again nothing was said whatsoever. its like it disappeared down the memory hole.

it would seem that kalb would give their viewers a reasonable explanation as to why the report didnt air.

the last we heard, kalb news director michele godard is supposed to be on ksyl talk back live program thursday morning. we say the last we heard because this morning at 10:23 am we emailed ksyl's operations manager dave graichen and asked him the time that ms. godard was scheduled to be on the air and as of the time of this posting (a little over 12 hours later) mr. graichen hasnt bothered to acknowledge or answer our email.

the point is that this mysteriously pulled story and the reason it was pulled would make another good question to ask ms. godard assuming that she does appear on the ksyl, because now that we think about it, kalb didnt mention it today like they did last night.