24 November 2007

black friday redux

yesterday when we where watching the arkansas @ lsu game we recorded a couple of clips to post on youtube. we thought that lsu was going to win. so, when lsu lost 50 - 48 in the 3rd. overtime, we thought the point of posting game vid clips was moot.

we did manage to post this clip of an lsu 2pt. conversion play but that was while the game was still in progress. we also managed to post this clip of lsu's first over time possession. like the first clip we had started uploading it while the game was still going on.

earlier today, someone who goes by the youtube username bamajock22 and who must have seen the 2pt. conversion play clip, messaged us through youtube to ask:

Hey - did you record the whole game? Can you post a clip of where The Mad Hatter was yelling "I'm the head coach" - I think was in the last couple minutes of regulation.
this is where it pays to be lazy, because we hadnt yet erased our dvd r/w.

there must be some interest in this clip because its only been live a few hours and has already had over 100 views.

so, without further adieu heres lsu coach les miles "are you kidding me? i'am the head coach." clip:

for some mysterious reason videos uploaded to youtube and google video for that matter, arent very good quality despite that when we play clips on our pc with a media player are clear and distortion free.
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