14 May 2008

central la politics takes an opportunity to shill again

in what has got to be the most amusing shill to come out of central la politics blog yet, they compare this blog to senator eugene mccarthy, because wst... posted online the list of tulane legislative scholarship awardees and pointed out how some, if not all, of the awardees didnt appear to be within the spirit of act 43 of 1884.

in response to the eugene mccarthy swipe we have a quote for central la politics of our own:

when you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. when you have the law on your side, argue the law. when you have neither, holler. ~ al gore
its not just wst... thats questioned the tulane legislative scholarships -- dr. carl bernofsky, who used to teach at tulane, has a whole website thats been online since november 1998, fully documented about the tulane legislative scholarship scam - see how the tulane scholarship scandal corrupts legislators and judges in the state of louisiana. notice how in their post central la politics derides dr. bernofsky calling him a 'disgruntled tulane professor who had lost his federal lawsuit.' now it would seem that central la politics, of all people, would feel a kinship with dr. bernofsky.

for years now, the blogger over at central la politics has been fighting not one but two public records request lawsuits against the city of pineville. la. now his good friend state rep. chris roy, jr., couldnt be bothered to file for him a simple one page bill to specifically codify into state law that public records can be downloaded to a computer disk which is what the suits are more or less about. rep. roy however, could take the time to file a seven page bill to raise the automobile insurance premium on 1.5 million louisianaians to which central la politics 'thanked god' for..state rep.chris hazel and state senator joe mcpherson wouldnt file a public records bill for central la politics either. then when central la politics is asked to shill for these same politicians its reply is "yessuh boss right away." we used to always get a laugh out of the way central la politics would accuse and savage neil kavanagh and the northside journal for being a propaganda sheet for certain politicians -- because they are just alike.

central la politics holds itself out to be some sort of guardian against public and governmental corruption and hi-jinks but if you notice its only certain politicians and officials that they "expose." its certainly noteworthy from a political blogger's perspective to point out that from all the hundreds of students in a leges district, that the tulane scholarship is awarded to the child of a political contributor and family friend. we mean c'mon what are those odds? central la politics even criticizes us for 'not treating the sansing family with ...anonymity' even though the very link that it directs its readers to at tulane.edu explicitly states that "all applicants for a legislative scholarship will sign a waiver of confidentiality as part of the application process." oh and we also posted names of state rep.'s herbert dixon, chris hazel and billy chandler's tulane legislative scholarship awardees and asked similar questions about them as well -- but apparently that was ok with central la politics.

central la politics blog needs to stop being a useful idiot for -- of all things -- louisiana politicians. louisiana is the most corrupt state in the nation, we all know that and to quote eric hufschmid: "we have a right to investigate people who are influencing our world and our lives. actually, we have a responsibility to ensure that people in influential positions are respectable, free of blackmail, and honest."

go to legis.state.la.us and watch the committee meetings and the house and senate action, after about a day you will see that the legislature is the biggest joke on the planet and after about a week of watching you will want to string them up from the nearest light pole.

if huey pierce long ever made a mistake, it was in the design of the state capitol building as a huge phallus - it should have been designed as a clown car cos thats what they are...so are their apologists.
UPDATE: cenlamar (a blog that certainly knows a thing or two about what it calls a 'cheap and quick political hit ') joins the fray. their treatment seems to be: never mind what your eyes see and what your intuition is telling you because everything can be explained away innocently and sweetly; trust us, so, go back to sleep its all in your mind and if a politician gets away with something its your own fault for not filing public record requests. see not so fast, wesawthat...
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