12 May 2008

florida parishes bank phish going around

this morning we received an email representating itself to be from florida parishes bank. florida parishes bank is located in hammond, la. and ponchatoula, la.

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we already knew that this was a phish because we dont have an account at this bank and banks never send unsolicited emails. so anyway, a simple google search for florida parishes bank leads us to its website: www.floridaparishesbank.com

in the email when you place your curser on the hyperlink (in blue) above and look down at your status bar you see that url is www.floridaparishesbanksignin.com -- see the difference? just to be sure a whois check of florida parishes bank real website shows that it is hosted by cavion.com and the url registrant information appears to be proper -- while a check of the url from the phishing email shows that it is hosted by yahoo and the registrant information looks suspect -- which results in our email:

From: wesawthat@gmail.com
To: network-abuse@cc.yahoo-inc.com,
Cc: spam@uce.gov
Subject: Fw: You Have 1 New Alert Message!
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 07:50:11 -0600

YAHOO.COM: this spam was sent to advertise a phishing website that you host please would you terminate service to:

--copy and paste message source--
learn more about phishing scams at the antiphishing working group: www.antiphishing.org