16 May 2008

sb799 and state senator joe mcpherson receive favorable coverage from thenewspaper.com

UPDATE: piyush "bobby" jindal signed sb799 into law on 25 june 2008. sb799 became act 479 of the 2008 louisiana regular legislative session. act 479 enacts R.S. 40:2401.1. which is chapter 18 of the police officer standards and training (post) law.

link to sb799 / act 479
thenewspaper.com 'a journal on the politics of driving' recently featured a front page spread on louisiana state senator joe mcpherson's senate bill no. 799. sen. mcpherson's sb799 is interesting since he lives in woodworth, la. which is one of the most notorious speed-traps in the nation.

anyway, according to the newspaper.com "mcpherson's bill would make it illegal for any state agency to have a plan -- even an informal plan -- that evaluates police officers based on the number of arrests made or citations issued. The bill goes on to make it illegal for any political subdivision to "suggest" to a police officer that he is "expected to issue a predetermined number" of tickets. The proposed law does not contain any of the escape clauses commonly found in ticket quota bans in other states." ~ read more
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