28 May 2008

senate insurance committee kills baton rouge rino erich ponti's hb1312 which would have drastically raised mandatory automobile insurance premiums

according to ms. trudy fourmy a secretary to the state senate insurance committee, the committee locked in a 2 - 2 vote this morning effectively killing rino erich ponti's bill. two senators voting no to higher automobile insurance premiums were troy hebert and gerald long and so we thank them.

as you might remember hb1312 is strongly supported by district 25's ultra-liberal trial lawyer, representative chris roy, jr. who actually voted for the bill twice. once when it came before the house insurance committee and again in the house final passage vote. rep. roy also has his own bill hb1291 filed, presumably waiting in the wings should hb1312 fail which it has.

hb1312's defeat in committee today is good news for 1.5 million of louisiana's drivers already suffering with $4.00+ a gallon gasoline and diesel and related price increases.