04 May 2008

gilda reed: 'national [democratic] party didnt help me one bit'

in this excerpt from 03 may 2008, the louisiana congressional district one, democratic candidate, gilda reed, reveals the the national democratic party didnt help her candidacy out 'one bit.' in fact ms. reed proclaims that she had to fight them too.

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gilda reed, is in fact dr. gilda reed. dr. reed holds a ph.d. and is an adjunct instructor at the university of new orleans. dr. reed is certainly no dummy...so the question is why would dr. reed, who calls herself 'a strong louisiana democrat' remain a member of the party that failed to lift one finger to help her candidacy? dr. reed states that the democratic party went so far and 'prevented the unions' from donating to her campaign.

only a fool, a sucker, would remain a member of a party that treats its loyal members and candidates so shabbily.