06 May 2008

does state rep. chris hazel hear voices in his head like george w. bush?

interesting quote from la. house district 25 representative lowell "chris" hazel.

tom bonnette with the gannett/alexandria daily town talk posted a story today (see link) based upon senate bill 672 a bill by state senator anne duplessis which would give louisiana legislators a pay raise to an astounding $70,000.00 a year, when all this bunch of jackasses, crooks, frauds, charlatans, jerk-offs, boobs, nitwits, halfwits, carpet baggers and scalawags do is sit around all day and think up laws to pass to take away our rights and our freedoms and our civil liberties and tax us and regulate us and control us and then have the unmitigated gall to think they should be paid the equivalent of a senior management position? we think not. they shouldnt be paid not even one red cent.
now according to mr. bonnette:

Rep. Chris Hazel, R-Ball, also said he is undecided whether Louisiana's lawmakers should give themselves a raise.

He said he has too many irons in the fire right now to give much consideration about how much he is making for his work in the House.

"I really don't have any general thoughts about it right now," he said. "Everything I have done in my life, I have done because I feel like I have been called to do it."
now when you look at the bunch of goofy bills rep. hazel has filed you cant help but wonder -- just who the hell is calling? now obviously rep. hazel is trying to insinuate that its god or jesus on the other end of the line. but just who did jesus spend all his time with? mostly, drunks, lepers, prostitutes you know the common people a/k/a the dregs of society. so it would just seem natural that if it was jesus on the other end he would be more concerned with directing rep. hazel to introduce bills concerning the "common people."

but when we look at rep. hazel's bills we dont see anything that would benefit the common people. for instance we see his hb303 where he rushed in to hook up his old district attorney pals.

rep. hazel's hb40 shows that he has the typical republican disease - sex on the brain and the more lurid the better.

hb373 also by rep. hazel establishes the "iraq campaign veteran" and "afghanistan campaign veteran" military license plates - oh great we get to be reminded of america's folly and our national disgrace and war crime for the next 50 or so years even while we're driving around the states roadways.

with cnn reporting that at last count one-third of returning iraq veterans suffering from some form of mental health or psychosocial illnesses we have to wonder just how many people are going to be harmed by an iraq or afghanistan veteran tripping out (like former marine and iraq war veteran donald ray johnson) after seeing one of these plates or by being cut off in traffic by someone with one of these plates? lets hope we never find out.

it would seem that if rep. hazel was taking calls from jesus christ -- the prince of peace, he would be sponsoring some kind of resolution condemning this illegal, unconstitutional war dont you think? not to mention the fact that the united states government is borrowing the money from china to finance this war. we seem to recall a passage from the bible that states that the borrower is servant to the lender. apparantly, rep. hazel is cool with making us all slaves to the chinese.

looks like jesus christ the great physician, isnt calling rep. hazel either, because we dont see any bill by rep. hazel concerning the restoration of hot wells when the mineral waters there are storied to be healthful, healing and rejuvenating. hot wells is already owned by the state department of health and hospitals of all people, yet has sat closed for years and years. its restoration and reopening would be a benefit to the local economy and us commoners in uncounted ways. instead rep. hazel files hb1129 which would seem to make it harder to investigate police officers. with all the police officers around the state and around rapides parish being arrested it would seem that they need to be watched and investigated more than anyone else and not have stumbling blocks put up to impede investigations.

so we really suspect that rep. hazel should check his caller-id indicator or use *69 a bit more closely in the future because he is a total puppet and a panderer but its not for the one who he would have us believe.