05 May 2008

piyush apostate

in a sunday 04 may 2008 new york times opinion piece captioned 'mccain-jindal?' (see link) rabid zionist and israeli/aipac/likud agent, william kristol issues to john mcmadman mccain his marching orders.

piyush "bobby" jindal, current louisiana governor, former u.s. congressman and now very likely choice by john mcmadman mccain to run as his 2008 vice presidential candidate, has always been and will remain, nothing but a liar, a fraud and a con-artist and more importantly a traitor to the constitution. piyush is nothing more than a zionist media creation that fat, lazy and non-critical thinking louisiana guinea pigs bought the media lies hook, line and sinker and now the media is gearing up to attempt the same thing nationally.

piyush the subversive
piyush "bobby" jindal's membership in the rhodes scholars. despite rhodes scholars being marketed to the public as some sort of benign group of brainiac super-poindexters, rhodes scholars are anything but. rhodes scholars are a dangerous and subversive quasi secret society dedicated to world government and eugenics, controlled by international communism. the true aim of the rhodes scholars was reported by the chicago tribune newspaper in a series of articles in july 1951. additionally, the only avowed communist elected to a parliament in australia...was a rhodes scholar.

liars and shills like moon griffon, jeff sadow, jeff crouere and even the gannett/town talk editors are already bemoaning piyush's apparent abandonment of his so called conservative credentials -- when anyone could have easily predicted this. one way (besides taking the time and trouble into looking at piyush's congressional voting record) would have been to look no farther than to liberal united states supreme court justice david hackett souter...also a rhodes scholar. mr. justice souter you might remember was supposedly a conservative appointed to the supreme court by president george h.w. bush. and oh yeah, bill clinton is a rhodes scholar and so is senator david vitter. what this shows is that the aforementioned liars know nothing about republican or conservative values and beliefs and that they are selling a personality and not a true republican conservative candidate.

piyush plays the holy mother roman catholic church for a fool and catholics say nothing
all during the gubernatorial campaign piyush would appear at many so called baptist churches to give his so called christian testimony. this is despite the fact that catholics and baptists believe practically the opposite of each other and anyone who knows anything about the catholic catechism knows that it is fundamentally opposed to biblical christianity. therefore, no catholic has any testimony to give to any baptist.

yea, even the "holy father" benedict xvi, came out around 10 july 2007 to issue a statement that said other denominations (like baptists) are not true churches and that christ established only one true church - the roman catholic church. you can read msnbc's treatment here or read the pope's statement in its entirety from the vatican's website here.

so if you claim to be a catholic you should be asking yourself that since the pope has proclaimed that the catholic church is the only one true church then how can piyush who clamis to be a good catholic -- park himself in so many baptist churches and say "hey guys i'am one of you too!" cant you see the deception? yet we dont see any catholic, much less any catholic priest, archbishop, bishop, cardinal or the pope himself standing to denounce piyush's heresy. if you're a catholic and you're not standing up to defend this outright insult to your faith that makes you, as pastor james david manning would say -- "lower than a maggot."

piyush "bobby" jindal and the winnfield first baptist church
commit apostasy easter sunday 2008

a double minded man is unstable in all his ways
james chapter one verse eight king james version
its not just the catholics who are asleep at the wheel, the baptists are too. lying bastards like jerold mcbride at the winnfield first baptist church, philip robertson of the philadelphia baptist church in the philadelphia community, gil arthur at the east leesville baptist church, stephen laughlin at the first baptist church of oakdale and lloyd whitman at the first baptist church of dry prong to name just a few are nothing more than a wolf pack of deceivers and change agents masquerading as pastors.

like the catholics, no baptists are standing up and speaking out and against it either. in fact sorry ass baptists who know better are standing by doing nothing while their lying preachers are introducing and preaching false and deceptive doctrines to their congregations.

isnt it interesting, perhaps ominous even, what happened to winn parish after piyush stood in the pulpit of the winnfield first baptist church, easter sunday 2008 - within days the entire winn parish was raked with destructive storms.

the gannett/alexandria daily town talk reported on 06 april 2008: "people in winn parish spent saturday clearing away trees downed in friday night storms, according to authorities. a spokesperson with the winn parish sheriff's office said a possible tornado touched down near sikes, about 20 miles northeast of winnfield. some people lost power during the storms, said the spokesperson."

kalb-tv also reported the winn parish storms see atlanta, la. storm update and more storm damage from winn parish.

sounds far-fetched? well, lets see -- if you're a catholic or a christian you claim to believe that god somehow transformed himself into an embryo and was then implanted into mary's womb. all the while, as an embryo, an infant, a toddler and as he grew up, he was self aware of who and what he was. then he performed miracles including forgiving sin, healing the sick, walking on water and even raising the dead and he himself was resurrected from the dead and was lifted up to heaven after walking the earth for some forty days after being resurrected. you do believe all that right? if you do then you must believe that it is possible that god could and would use storms to send a message. curiously, piyush hasnt performed his testimony scam since then either.

the bottom line is that piyush "bobby" jindal his entire career and his entire being, even his name are based on nothing but lies, fraud and deception, its so easy to see yet no one will stand up and say it. piyush and john mcmadman mccain are a very well suited pair.