12 May 2008

gov. piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth one of the financiers behind radio ads slamming state rep. karen carter!

UPDATE 7:57 am tuesday 13 may 2008

state rep. karen carter gives piyush and his crew a good what for, from the floor of the state house.

your right hand thief alerts us (see link) that state representative karen carter held a press conference on the state capitol steps today:
[T]o respond to radio ads running on urban stations in Orleans Parish by BelieveinLouisiana.com, a support group of Governor Bobby Jindal and his Chief of State Timmy Teepell.

The ads were supposedly ordered by Teepell to "punish" the Speaker Pro Tem for opposing the Administration's voucher bill, which is apparently in trouble on the house floor. The bill may be heard later this week, having passed by one vote out of the House Education committee.
in mid april 2008 the baton rouge morning advocate's michelle millhollon wrote a piece about believe in louisiana "‘Believe in La.’ raises $741,000, spends most."

one of the corporations that gave $25,000 to believe in la was listed by ms. millhollon as fve investements of alexandria of which we learned from the louisiana secretary of state corporations database that one of the members of the fve investments (actual name: fve investment company, l.l.c.) is jimmy r. faircloth, jr.

jimmy r. faircloth, jr. is currently executive counsel to governor piyush "bobby" jindal.

so we have some members of the executive branch, putting up money for and other members of the executive branch -- timmy teepell for instance, directing a propaganda outfit's slamming of at least one member of the separate but co-equal legislative branch and no one sees anything wrong with that?