12 May 2008

rethug state senator neil riser is on to something...

in an article captioned ''sleeper' bills rouse the capitol' gannett/news star writer mike hasten (see link), recounts the following about district 32 state senator neil riser:

Sen. Neil Riser, R-Columbia, the new chairman of the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee, said his panel will get to work this week on the remaining pieces of the work-force package, something he says "provides a chance to improve the quality of life for everybody in Louisiana."

Riser, a member of the freshman class that's experiencing its first full legislative session, said some of the bills this session make him think, Why in the world was that introduced?

"There's something dealing with almost anything you could dream up. At some point in time, it seems like we would have enough laws, yet every year there's about 3,000 proposed."
now this is the kind of talk we like to hear.