08 May 2008

bridgett brown attorney larry english: heh heh heh ethics board member michael t. johnson 'acted illegal and inappropriate'

the gannett/town talk has an update to their story involving todays scheduled ethics board hearing on alexandria, la. city councilman myron lawson and attorney bridgett brown.

Last fall, Lawson and Brown were charged with violations. Lawson was is accused of receiving rental payments from Brown for space in his office building during a time she held business relation with the city government and of voting to retain her legal services when it was prohibitive.

Brown is charged with leasing office space from Lawson during a time when she entered into a contractual relation with the city in two separate occasions. The case was originally set for a hearing in January, but has been postponed several times.

On Thursday, English argued Michael T. Johnson, an ethics board member, who is from Pineville, violated ethics rules when he voted to recommend an investigation of Brown during the initial hearing, but later recused himself citing a conflict of interest.

Attorney Michael Dupree, who represents the board, said it was the first time he heard of Johnson’s alleged violation. Dupree and board members, including Chairman Henry C. Perret, Jr., said they recall Johnson properly recusing himself at every step of the way.

Board member Dolores Spikes also said she remembers Johnson has always recused himself on matters related to the city of Alexandria.

English introduced an official document, he said, evidences Johnson’s vote at the initial hearing. “We believe that this whole hearing in light of that vote is illegal and inappropriate,” ~ read more
michael t. johnson together with partner s. aaron siebeneicher are the principals behind the pineville, la. lawfirm of johnson & siebeneicher.