23 May 2008

eric hufschmid on barack obama

as usual, eric hufschmid provides a thought-provoking analysis of current events and the likely role that the zionist crime network plays in them.

Unfortunately, the current presidential candidates are not what I would consider proper leaders. I don't know much about Michelle or Barack Obama, but my impression of both of them is they're unhappy, and Michelle seems slightly bitter.
I suspect that Barak Obama is one of those unhappy people, and that he was promoted to be a Senator in Illinois because the Jews considered him to be one of their puppets. And my impression of Michelle is that she's also unhappy and has come to the conclusion that her misery is the result of discrimination by Caucasians.

Unhappy people should never be allowed into positions of leadership because they're not interested in helping society. Their primary goal is to relieve themselves of their misery.

Unhappy businessmen tend to struggle for money, and some of them turn their business into military units that try to conquer other businesses so that they can titillate themselves over the thought that they're important men who are high on the social hierarchy.

Unhappy government leaders sometimes struggle for money, but most of them seem struggle for fame and feelings of importance. They like to titillate themselves with the thought that people all over the world admire and worship them.

Our corporate boardrooms and government offices are becoming insane asylums for men who don't enjoy life, and who are desperately struggling to relieve themselves of their misery.

And why do Barak and Michelle Obama want to be president? Do either of them have any intelligent suggestions on how to make America or the world a better place? Michelle only seems interested in stopping the discrimination that she believes black people are suffering from. But does she have any plans to stop the discrimination that comes from black people?

And what does Barak Obama consider himself to be? Does he consider himself to be an American, or does he consider himself to be an African who is a victim of racial discrimination by those nasty Caucasians? Or is he like the Caucasian liberals who imagine that their victims of aristocrats or corporations? And we know nothing about his mother. If she's Jewish, he may consider himself to be a Jewish African.

Most people didn't even know of Barak Obama until the Jews began promoting him as a presidential candidate. My assumption is that Israel wanted Hillary Clinton to become president, and so they selected Obama as her opposition so that they could push aside all of the other candidates, and create a contest between Clinton and Obama.

I don't think Israel realized how many people are disgusted with the Clintons, however. Today the Liberal Jews seem to be panicking that Obama will be elected. Even though Obama may be a Jewish puppet, he may not be as willing to follow orders as the Clintons.

Have you noticed the tremendous attempt today by Jews to ruin Obama's reputation? They're trying to expose him as a homosexual drug user, and as an angry African-American who identifies more with Africa than America.

On May 12, 2008, one of the black leaders, Pastor James Manning, appeared on the Jeff Rense radio show to criticize Obama. That should be considered proof that Pastor Manning also works for the Jews. http://atlah.org/

It's important to note that all of the black Americans who get favorable publicity by the Jewish media are disgusting people with miserable attitudes. The Jews promote only the black people who encourage pouting or anger over the slavery of hundreds of years ago, and they encourage black people to imagine that there's nothing they can do to help themselves.

As far as I know, Bill Cosby is the only famous black person who may be an exception to this rule. Cosby seems to encourage black people to behave in a respectable manner instead of pouting or hating. But Cosby's son died mysteriously, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews killed his son in order to let Cosby know that he better keep quiet.

The Jews don't want people like Cosby in a leadership position. The Jews want miserable, disgusting black people as leaders. You should assume that anybody who gets favorable publicity by the Jewish media is a criminal, a pervert, or a freak of some sort, and that he's also a Jewish puppet. ~ read more