25 May 2008

is jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth a zionist puppet and/or an israeli agent?

UPDATE: judicial inc does jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth

this morning we noticed that we received a referral to our post 'the town talk mysteriously scrubs links to jimmy faircloth story from website!' the referral came from this comment in an open thread from the daily kos website. naturally, being curious to see what all the fuss was about we checked it out. one comment from that open thread worth repeating here is by the dk diarist 'crashing vor'

the links provided in crashing vor's comment including to todays times-picayune article - which is a must read, seem to strongly suggest that jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth (who wants to be a federal judge - bad idea!) is a tool to and/or in bed with the global zionist crime network.

Coushattas screwed again?

Robert Travis Scott has a front-page story in today's Times-Picayune about bad investments, conflicts of interest and the Coushatta Indian tribe.

The Coushattas were the tribe that dropped $32 million on the services of Jack Abramoff and Mike "I want all their MONEY!" Scanlon to prevent the Tigua tribe in Texas from competing with the Coushattas in the casino business--while the Tiguas were paying Abramoff and Scanlon to lobby to get their casino open.

This is one of the few crimes for which Abramoff was actually investigated and prosecuted, thanks to the cover-up of Abramoff's dealings by Senate Indian Affairs Committee chair John McCain, now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

Since that embarassment, the Coushattas have been persuaded by their former lawyer and financial advisor Jimmy Faircloth to invest $30 million into MainNet, a bankrupt Israeli tech company that specializes in routing communications signals over AC power lines.

The tribe's money has been used to get the company out of hock and to repay, with profit, earlier investors. Part of it goes, presumably, to Faircloth's brother Brandon, who Faircloth persuaded the company to hire as a salesman in 2006.

Faircloth no longer serves as the tribe's attorney or adviser, having liquidated his share of the law firm which had the Coushatta contract.

He needed to dissolve all ties to the Louisiana tribe's businesses because those relationships would be an obvious conflict in his new position: chief counsel--top lawyer--for the state's new governor, Bobby Jindal.

Who is, we know, currently enjoying ribs and veep vetting at the ranch of presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

If you can keep track of this stuff, you're smarter than me.

Saying, "The surge is working" . . . is working my last nerve.

by Crashing Vor on Sun May 25, 2008 at 06:05:40 AM PDT