21 May 2008

jeff crouere pronounces piyush "bobby" jindal a fraud

heres another liar, who all during the 2007 louisiana gubernatorial campaign, relentlessly and unashamedly, shilled for and sexed up piyush "bobby" jindal.

however, today just 128 days after piyush was sworn in, mr. crouere writes: "the bottom line is that jindal was not the conservative that many people believed he was." well duh!! if mr. crouere was an honest commentator and journalist, then he would have investigated piyush's congressional voting record. he would have already known that piyush is a fraud and would have reported same. mr. crouere isnt interested in truly investigating candidates, mr. crouere is more concerned with promoting personalities than he is in advancing true conservative/republican core-values.

another dead giveaway that piyush was and is a fraud was how piyush always said the same things over and over again and never answered a direct question. today mr. crouere writes: "what has interested jindal the most is the opportunity to be interviewed by national media outlets, such as the glenn beck show or the tonight show with jay leno. at the same time, jindal has been reluctant to engage the statewide media and answer questions from local reporters."

now these same bunch of liars, who were so easily "tricked" and "misled" by piyush to start with, want to be on the forefront of criticizing piyush.

the question is why? why should we believe and trust these commentators now, when they have already shown to be just a bunch of useful idiots?