04 May 2008

a gannett/town talk 'your mailer' is doing their job for them again

this morning, the gannett/town published a 'your mail' by terry smith of pineville, la. the town talk captioned it 'thank you, state rep. dixon!' see link.

mr. (or ms?) smith wrote in to list some of the non-governmental funding requests
(a/k/a/ slush funds or ear marks or more accurately money laundering) by state house district 26 representative herbert dixon.

by a citizen having to take the time to write in
to shine some light on something the town talk in the normal course of reporting 'news' should have already printed.-- this is a pretty strong indictment of the town talk's journalistic integrity, or lack thereof.

we're not singling out rep. dixon to pick on -- the town talk has printed nothing, zip, nada about any cenla legislators non-governmental funding requests -- or their tulane legislative scholarship awards.