29 May 2008

more bad press for the tulane legislative scholarship scam

in this article by carol eisenberg captioned 'victoria reggie kennedy said to be husband’s pick as successor' appearing on muckety today, the author points out that the tulane legislative scholarships have long been abused by the criminal network. a practice that continues to this day.


Judge Reggie, who would later become a kingmaker in Louisiana Democratic politics, managed the presidential campaigns in Louisiana for John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and, in 1980, Ted Kennedy. His purchase of a summer house on Nantucket in 1982 further cemented ties between the two families.

He became the confidante of former Louisiana Gov. Edwin W. Edwards, and availed himself of legislative scholarships targeted at needy students that allowed all six of his children, including Vicki, to attend Tulane University tuition free, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported in 1995.

Reggie, a longtime friend of former Louisiana Gov. Edwin W. Edwards, told the paper he had done nothing wrong.

"It was a perfectly legal thing to do, so I availed myself of it," he said then.

(The scholarships’ other beneficiaries have included the children of former Senators John B. Breaux and J. Bennett Johnston, both Democrats, as well as Representatives Jimmy Hayes, a Democrat, Robert L. Livingston and Richard H. Baker, Republicans.)

In 1992, Judge Reggie was also convicted of defrauding a failed savings and loan in federal district court in Louisiana, and sentenced to 120 days of home detention and fined $30,000. ~ read more