16 May 2008

hb1: central louisiana legislators vote against removing non-governmental organization funding - and are in fact for slushfunds

democrats and republicans agree: scamming pays
mother of all scams: louisiana state legislators laundering $80 million tax-payer dollars (so far) to their non-governmental organization pals

c.b. forgotston informs us today, excerpt:
Thursday, the State Operating Budget ( HB1) was approved by the LA House of Representatives.

Slush protected

An effort was made by Rep. Joseph Lopinto, R-Metairie, to remove all the slush funds/NGOs from the budget. His amendment was defeated by a vote of 19 YEAS, 80 NAYS and 5 Absent. A YEA vote is to REMOVE the slush funds and NAY vote is to KEEP the slush funds.

click picture to enlargehouse roll call vote
forgotston continues:
You ain’t seen nothing yet

There’s more to come. Not only will the Senate add more slush/NGOs to the Operating Budget, but there is more non-state/slush/NGOs in the Capital Outlay Budget ( HB2) that was also approved yesterday by the House.

Wait until you see what is being built with your tax dollars. There’s 57 pages of them listed! ~ read more