08 May 2008

cindy sheehan is amping up the pressure on zionist puppet nancy pelosi

Another Year Of Carnage
Brought To You By The Corporate Democrats
By Cindy Sheehan
zionist whore nancy pelosi at a recent aipac conference

The Democrats are working diligently to put a war funding bill on George's desk that will give him two cycles of money for the illegal and obscene occupations in the Middle East connecting anti- poverty programs and VA educational benefits to the appropriation's bill to exploit the horrible condition of poor families and vets who have risked life and limb because Congress is too worried about their political stakes than our children's lives.

The Democrats, with shaky reasoning, feel that attaching a time- line on an appropriation's bill for troop withdrawal (which George has promised to veto) by December 2009, will assuage the anti-war left that is becoming a bigger and bigger majority by the day. What the Democratic leadership is doing is putting their major donors and political futures ahead of our flesh and blood. Are you okay with the Democratic leadership thinking that you are dumber than a door bell and hoping that you don't see their ploy for what it is: a pure political calculation to help themselves and harm everyone else.

Are you okay with borrowing 178 billion more dollars from China furthering the demise of our dollar, economy and enlarging our deficit? Are you okay with putting our children's future at jeopardy so the Democrats can maybe widen their majority in Congress and perhaps put a Democrat in the White House?

Are you okay with the HUMANS of Iraq and Afghanistan (who bleed the same color you do and who love their children just as much) being exploited and abused for the sake of a bigger Democratic majority? Are you okay with our brothers and sisters in these countries being terrorized by OUR military? Are you okay with CHILDREN being demonized and then blown up by bombs dropped out of US jets? Are you okay with two countries being torn apart so Congress' cronies can make obscene profits when you know that many Senators and Congressional Reps are invested in the very industries that profit off of the death, dismemberment and destruction?

Are you okay with the Democratic leadership attaching the funding of programs to help our nation's neediest citizens to a bill that appropriates more money for a virtual genocide? Are you okay with the "Let them eat cake" mentality of such Democrats as Nancy Pelosi who wants to provide "guns for butter?" Are you okay with the Democratic leadership attaching provisions to fund Veteran educational benefits to a bill that will kill, maim and emotionally injure hundreds more of our troops?

Are you okay with paying over $4.00/gallon for gas while George and Dick's cronies in the oil business are reaping obscene profits? Are you okay with spending more for food and other essentials because the cost to transport these items has skyrocketed because of the cost of gas?

Are you okay with the demonization of another country and the potential invasion of Iran? Are you okay with tens of thousands of other HUMAN lives being destroyed for the neocon agenda of world domination?

Are you okay with letting George Bush and Dick Cheney walking away from the pain they have caused by their crimes and corruption after eight years of their reign of terror? Are you okay with BushCo leading lives of ease and peace for the rest of their lives while our own country is mired in poverty and violence?

I am vehemently not okay with any of these things! I pray to everything that is sacred (life, liberty, family, and health) that you are also not okay with it.

Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House and she has the constitutionally enumerated power of doing two very relevant things: De-funding (Article I, Section 8, clause 11) the occupation (instead she is uber-funding it) and allowing articles of impeachment to be introduced against George and Dick (instead, Article II, Section 4 is off the table).

Do not allow the Corporate Democrats to pull the wool over your eyes... again. They are not working hard to end the occupation; they are working overtime to extend it for another year at the expense of our military and their families, our economy, our ecology, and the HUMANS in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do not allow the Corporate Democrats to pay one more penny for these occupations because, whether you are aware of it or not, at a cost of 16 billion dollars a month to maintain the occupations, THIS WAR ECONOMY IS AFFECTING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Not just me, not just our troops and their families, not just the HUMANS thousands of miles away, but YOU!

If you are as outraged as Cindy for Congress is and you want the carnage to stop now, not later: please support our campaign for true change, peace, and accountability.