10 May 2008

hb1291 liberal dem chris roy jr is raising your insurance premiums

apparently, dissatisfied at voting in committee to increase the premiums paid by louisiana's poorest and most vulnerable "motor vehicle" insurance premium holders, via baton rouge rino erich ponti's hb1312, the new orleans times-picayune alerts us (see link) that liberal alexandria democrat chris roy, jr. has filed his own bill -- hb1291 to accomplish much of the same.

rep. roy's seven page boondoggle also increases the amount that those who prefer to deposit cash with the state treasurer instead of purchasing an insurance policy to $75,000 from $30,000.

louisiana's insurance commissioner, another rino republican, jim donelon, who as state insurance commissioner is most likely awaiting his own trip to the federal pen like so many previous insurance commissioners, is all for this scheme which with gasoline prices approaching $4.00 a gallon (we paid $3.69 a gallon for 87 octane just today) and with no end in sight, as well as the resultant soaring food prices, these insurance premium increase schemes presented by rino erich ponti and liberal democrat chris roy, jr., will harm louisiana's poorest and hardest working citizens. like the people that wait the tables, work the cash registers, scrub the floors, press the clothes and mow the yards. in other words the people who keep this state going.

democrat, republican it doesnt matter, louisiana legislators are clueless when it comes to solving the problems faced by louisiana's working people. instead of coming out and being honest and telling the people that they cant raise automobile insurance premiums right now and remind the people to slow down and be aware of whats going on around them - their idea for solving everything is always to take more money from you to give to their criminal friends. oh and they get to play nanny state too. they dont even stop to think that with the spiraling gas (and everything else) prices that less and less people will be out on the road, needlessly, anyway.

not rep. roy's first time to insult louisiana's poor
act no. 43 of the 1884 regular session of the louisiana legislature gave each louisiana state legislator as well as the mayor of orleans one scholarship apiece, per year, to tulane university. the law's original purpose was to make a college education available to qualified citizens who could not afford the cost.

according to a hard to obtain document acquired by wst... listing this years tulane legislative scholarship awardees, it reveals that rep. roy's tulane awardee is to the daughter of a campaign contributor of his and roy family insider - sam sansing.