15 May 2008

cynthia jardon: city of alexandria, la. bus service sucks

yes the great online blogosphere conspiracy against alexandria, la. city government continues...we cant wait to read a long post on cenlamar, like oh say this one, denouncing ms. jardon for writing her blog post before she contacted the city for their side spin on the story and how ms. jardon really misunderstood what the bus driver was on about and what ms. jardon saw with her own eyes and heard with her own ears really what wasnt what was said and done; in fact it was the exact opposite -- a totally wholesome and helpful exchange and if ms. jardon would have bothered to have filed a public records request she would have already known that the city buses go down jackson street extension, etc...

I thought, well, I'll just ride the city bus home. After all the main terminal is less than a block from The Town Talk office and the fare is cheap.

Well, guess what? Hope you aren't new to town or a tourist, because our city transportation is the worst example of southern hospitality I've evern(sic)encountered.

[the city bus driver] He was rude. He was nasty. He was completely ill-mannered and I was offended for myself and for anyone else that has to deal with him on a regular basis. There was no excuse for being curt, rude and ill-mannered.

He was not exactly the tourism poster child for the city. He's the guy that the Convention and Visitors Bureau would make cringe.

If this is only a little of what bus riders have to put up with in a day, I feel extremely sorry for them. ~ read more