08 May 2008

kalb turns 5 and 6 p.m. "news" cast into commercials for rapides regional medical center

yesterday's 5 and 6 p.m. news broadcasts from kalb were actually two 30 minute commercials for rapides regional medical center. how can the corporate media be trusted to report on other corporate entities goings on when the media together with its news departments are in fact serving as their marketing and propaganda arm?

for instance, no mention was made about the city street that was given to rapides regional medical center by the city of alexandria and how that played a part in rapides ability to develop the new facilities there. no parallel was given about that and how the city now wants to give a part or all of prescott road to rapides regional's competitor st. francis cabrini hospital.

no one from rapides regional came on to say "thank you suckers alexandrians for giving us your street so that now we can make even more money; sorry to put you out...now that you have to detour around what was a major city thoroughfare for the last 100 years or so."

just another way that kalb is on your side.