20 May 2008

hb1312 louisiana state house votes to impose higher mandatory automobile liability insurance rates on the people

because baton rouge, rino erich ponti, has learned that "louisiana has the lowest minimums in the nation," which would seem to be a good thing, instead, the louisiana state house in a time of soaring gas and food prices and severe economic uncertainty, has taken it upon themselves (because the insurance industry did not want a rate increase) to spit in the face of at least 1.5 million louisiana drivers (around 48% of all the states licensed drivers) by voting to increase their mandatory automobile insurance premiums. we suppose that if every other state was jumping off a cliff legislative nutters like the fifty-seven listed above would be waiting in line for their turn to jump too.

central louisianaians who will face zooming insurance premiums, should this bill pass the senate and be signed into law by the governor can, at the ballot box, "thank" ultra liberal and trial lawyer, chris roy, jr., and scary billy chandler because they voted for it.

rep. chris roy, jr., even has his own bill [hb1291] to raise automobile insurance premiums waiting in the wings in case this one failed.

amazingly, rep. chris hazel and herbert dixon voted against this garbage and we certainly thank them.