26 May 2008

video: tornado destroys a pig farm in kingfisher county oklahoma saturday 24 may 2008

news9.com: at about 2:30 p.m., saturday 24 may 2008, a tornado touched down and damaged all eight barns at the farm north of lacey, kingfisher county, oklahoma. four of them were destroyed. six employees were present at the kansas-based seaboard pork farm. the employees were not injured and said only a few pigs were hurt by the tornado. employees had not found any dead pigs as of saturday evening.
UPDATE: Kingfisher Co. woman claims pig farm pollutes

LACEY — A Kingfisher County resident filed a complaint with state environmental officials this week, saying a pig farm hit by a recent tornado now is dumping pig feces into a nearby creek.

Pam Haden, 47, of Hennessey alleges the Seaboard Foods-owned pig farm in Lacey is piping manure from its waste lagoons straight into Surprise Creek.

"It's ruining the water; it's ruining the groundwater,” Haden said. ~ read more
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