14 May 2008

jeff rense interviews pastor james david manning

UPDATE: see eric hufschmid on barack obama

on saturday 10 may 2008, pastor james david manning added his 'the trinity of hell' video to youtube. in the video pastor manning speaks frankly about oprah winfrey, barack obama and rev. jeremiah wright.

about oprah winfrey: pastor manning says that she was made popular and powerful by the support of "open-minded, middle america white women [who] supported a struggling actor and radio talk show host named oprah winfrey. because of the many white women who without prejudice and lovingly supported this struggling actor and radio talk show host -- she has now become, with the support of white women, one of the most famous and powerful women in america today. now, when this struggling actor and radio talk show host had the opportunity to show her love and thanks to all of white america and all the white women in particular for their love and support for her, in supporting a rising presidential candidate in the name of hillary rodham clinton or barack hussein obama, oprah winfrey chose to support one of the boys from the hood and one of the boys from the trinity united church, disavowing and showing her contempt for the white women who made her the great woman that she is today."

pastor manning on jeremiah wright and barack obama: "the reverend doctor jeremiah wright is a closet homosexual. the senator barack hussein obama is a closet homosexual. the oprah winfrey is a suspected lesbian. these three -- all members of the trinity united church in chicago, illinois. the reason why senator barack hussein obama stayed within the trinity of hell for so long, for twenty years, is because of a homosexual relationship with its minister
." (jeremiah wright).

more pastor manning videos at the atlahworldwide channel on youtube.

on monday 12 may 2008 jeff rense interviewed pastor manning about his video and allegations. click here to listen. 8.6 mb .mp3