29 May 2008

perdiago v adams & reese l.l.p. et al and robert wooley

an edwin edwards google news alert takes us to this very interesting blog named 'slabbed.'

according to their about page:

slabbed began as the Insurance Issues Forum, a thread on the Clarion Ledger’s Story Chat and grew to 35 pages of information and over 38,000 page views before becoming a blog.

Actually, slabbed began when two residents of Katrina Ground Zero – Topbanana and Coastal Cowboy - survived the extraordinary experience of having their homes reduced to slabs by the largest natural disaster in this nation’s history.
the post on slabbed that our edwin edwards news alert sent us to, is about the perdiagao v adams and reese complaint (which they have a copy of in .pdf to download) and how the complaint details former louisiana insurance commissioner robert wooley's involvement.

Our readers may remember Weiss v Allstate attorney Richard Trahant occasionally stops in to chat with us. Today, he dropped by with the mother of all tips, the case of Perdiago v Adams & Reese L.L.P. et al filed Tuesday in New Orleans which we have added to our legal pages. This is a very long post but I hope our readers will take the time to read it and consider the implications of the misconduct alleged against Adams and Reese.

I did some googling and found this case had a little something for everyone and featured all the usual suspects, Edwin Edwards, indicted US Representative William Jefferson, former Mayor Marc Morial, disgraced former Orleans Parish DA (and former Clinton era NOLA US Attorney) Eddie Jordan, Robert Guidry plus a entire gaggle of local political figures. Frankly, reading the RICO complaint against Adams and Reese coupled with the news stories has me convinced this case is huge in its implications.
Not one to doubt a good tip from a very reliable source I followed Rick’s instructions and skipped straight to paragraph 71 of the complaint. The allegations made against former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Robert Wooley are nothing short of sensational...click here or link to read more