29 July 2008

5.4 earthquake strikes near chino hills, california

earthquake struck at 11:42 a.m. los angeles time 1:42 pm in louisiana. it was first reported to be a magnitude 5.8 but later downgraded to a 5.4.


moments after the quake, jerome howard of anaheim hills, california, told cnn that he was sitting in a chair, in his garage working on his computer, when he felt his garage "twisting" and then it started shaking. mr. howard said that he felt a jolt that was so violent that it threw him out of his chair. mr. howard said that he has been in california since 1977 and that this was not the first quake that he has experienced -- but that it was the worst one that he has actually felt.

today's quake was also felt in san diego and las vegas.